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Welcome to Al-Iman Academy of Mobile

Al-Iman Academy of Mobile is an independent, religious, private, non-profit, full-time school established for the goal of pleasing Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta`ala. It serves students in pre-K to 12th grade.

Mission Statement:

Al-Iman Academy of Mobile’s mission is to provide students with an Islamic environment, while providing a comprehensive curriculum that teaches students to be successful in this life and in the hereafter.


To achieve the school’s mission, the school adopted the following objectives:

  1. Provide students with an Islamic environment that cultivates Islamic morals in their lives.
  1. Offer a comprehensive syllabus in Islamic studies based on highly authenticated textbooks encompassing essential topics. The material is simplified and presented in a style that will facilitate the incorporation of learned concepts in the student’s daily life.
  1. Provide Qur`anic memorization classes that will require students to memorize specific Suras and recite them with proper pronunciation. The Arabic language will be taught at all levels to ensure that students learn the meanings of memorized surahs and verses.
  1. Encourage parents to provide their children with a suitable Islamic environment at home, away from any unnecessary distractions, and allow them to practice religious concepts learned from school, when feasible. Moreover, stressing the need for parents to assist their children in completing their daily assignments and preparing for examinations.
  1. Provide a high-quality instruction in the math, science and language arts will help the students excel in these fields and prepare them for a successful higher education. The curriculum is meticulously selected to match that of the best performing private and public schools in the nation.
  1. Apply an interactive method of teaching that will stimulate the curiosity of students, rendering learning a fun and rewarding experience. The use of demonstrations, projects, laboratory, investigations, field trips and other techniques, where applicable, helps capture the attention of the children and maintain their interest.
  1. Graduate, with the help from Allah Subhanahu Wa ta`ala, a generation of Muslims, who, not only adopt Islam as a way of life, but are also ready spiritually and cognitively to lead in the various worldly and religious disciplines, and to face the challenges of a morally bankrupt society.

The principal, teachers, staff and Board of Directors of Al-Iman Academy of Mobile welcome you and your child (children). May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta`ala bless and reward the good intentions and efforts of all the participants and help raise a generation of righteous children who are not only successful academically, but also implement Islam as their way of life.

In case of technical problems accessing the platform, please email the administrator at admin@alimanacademyofmobile.com or call +1 (251) 605-6745

Thank you for choosing Al-Iman Academy of Mobile for your learning!